Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Re-Thinking Weight Loss

When most of us think about weight loss, we tend to think about how many pounds we need to lose to reach our "ideal" weight. We see it in advertising all the time - " I lost 80 pounds using the Ultra Fat Blasting 30-Day Weight Loss System". The ads usually show the couch-potato person in the "Before" picture, next to the ripped, six-pack abdomen supermodel in the "After" picture. Let's face it - if we are 40, 80 or 100+ pounds overweight, losing all of those pounds seems insurmountable.

Instead, try thinking about weight loss in terms of impact reduction on your feet, ankles, knees, hips and back. Think about the physics of walking: With each step, we have to absorb 2-3 times our body weight. That means that every 5 pounds we lose equals 10-15 pounds of reduced force on your knees and other weight-bearing joints.

Make a goal to lose 5 pounds next month. Your feet, ankles, knees hips and back will thank you. Increase your activity, and watch the quantity and quality of food you take in.
Z-CoiLs reduce a tremendous amount of shock on your body - giving you the ability to be far more active without pain.

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